Nos. 72 & 73, May 2018

Nos. 72 & 73 (May 2018)
India's Working Class and its Prospects


Nos. 72 & 73: India's Working Class and its Prospects Part II

India's Working Class Under Neoliberal Rule -- RUPE

Labour in Global Value Chains: Leather & Footwear Cluster in Kanpur -- Manali Chakrabarti, Rahul Varman

Kanpur Leather Cluster Revisited after a Decade -- Manali Chakrabarti, Rahul Varman

Simmering Rage I: Discontent and Militancy among Garment Manufacturing Workers in Gurgaon -- Archana Agarwal

Simmering Rage II: Bengaluruís Garment Workers: A Note -- RUPE

Fragmentation in the Industrial Working Class and the Crisis of the Trade Union Movement -- Alok Laddha and T Venkat

Some Experiences of Organising Workers in Chhattisgarh -- Sudha Bharadwaj





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