Nos. 70 & 71, April 2018

Nos. 70 & 71 (April 2018)
India's Working Class and its Prospects


Nos. 70 & 71: India's Working Class and its Prospects


I. The proletariat, as Marx saw it

II. What Capital says, and does not say

III. The occupational structure of India

IV. Agrarian tribute

V. Wage levels, product of historical development

VI. Stratified, fragmented, dominated labour market

VII. The reserve army of labour

VIII. Different forms of capital in India, and their reflection in the working class

IX. A composite proletariat

About the articles in this special issue

Understanding Rural Distress and Uncivil Social Networks of Economy in Eastern India: The Case of the Odisha-Telangana Brick Kiln Labour Circular Migration Stream -- Dr. Tathagata Sengupta & Dr. G.Vijay

Oppression, Bondage, and Struggle in the Hinterland of a Metropolis: Conditions of Brick Kiln Labour in Raigad district

Odisha Government’s Cynical View: Migration Is a Solution -- Kshetrabasi Naik








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