No. 47, March 2009

No. 47
(March 2009):


In This Issue:

(i) The present tumultuous times have awakened widespread interest among people in the economic processes that undergird our social existence. The subterranean trends long pointed to by serious students of political economy (as opposed to establishment economists) have burst forth with tremendous force. They have swept aside the reigning neoliberal theories, and led to a search for the connections between such seemingly disparate questions as the state of the US banks, the condition of workers in China, the Iraq war, and the global environmental crisis. In this issue we have attempted to probe some of these connections. For those looking for further serious analysis of some of these questions, the recent issues of the magazine Monthly Review (which have drawn on the earlier writings of Paul Sweezy and Harry Magdoff) will be useful.

(ii) On the last page of Aspects, we have always carried a statement to the effect that we aim to help people understand the actual mechanics of their everyday economic life, and, in this, to take the assistance and insights of people engaged in every sphere of productive work and society. However, we have not in fact been able to broaden the coverage of Aspects in this fashion, with the participation of those with different pro-people viewpoints. We intend to make a fresh effort at doing so. In this issue we carry a detailed article on the exploitation of labour in the leather and footwear industry in Kanpur.

— Editor, Aspects.



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